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  • Alzheimer's & Dementia Care Placement +

    How We Assist Seniors - A 95 year-old gentleman, living alone in his home, has a housekeeper who comes over every day to cook and clean. He has no family in town; his short term memory is severely impaired. He is able to walk, shower and dress by himself. He… Read More
  • Stroke Care Placement +

    How We Assist Seniors - Adult Care Hunters was contacted by a son who was looking for assisted living options for his 89 year old mother and 89 year old father. The mother is alert and oriented, talkative, but rather frail and no longer able to care for her husband.… Read More
  • Parkinson's Disease Care Placement +

    How We Assist Seniors - Parkinson’s is a debilitating neurological disease that impacts physical and sometimes cognitive functioning. A 78 year-old gentleman diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease has been managing at home with his wife as the primary caregiver.  The wife still works part time and would leave her husband at… Read More
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How to Choose an Independent Living Center Community that's Right for You or Your Loved One(s)

1. Establish a Price Range. Do you really need a large place?

2. Do I prefer a “Resort style” where everything is under one roof or is an open/outdoor campus more my style?

3. Is a higher level of care available should the need arise?

4. Can I get those services in my apartment or will I have to move?

5. What is my time frame? Do I plan on moving in 3-6 months, 6 months to a year, or more than one year? Consider current incentives. Wait list options.

6. Compare what is included in your base rent: housekeeping, maintenance, transportation, meal service, utilities, events, security. Is their a discount available for services I may not need or want?

7. How often the rent is increased, what is the percentage?

8. Are guest suites available, or are over night guests allowed in my apt.? For how long?

9. Is transportation available outside of the service area? What is the additional cost for this?                    

10. What are the residents like? What is the atmosphere like? Can I see myself living here? Have you visited more than once? Have you tried the food? Other than the marketing team what other staff members have you met? Does the staff have a high turnover or is their longevity among the key staff?


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"Thank you both for
your wonderful
assistance & guidance
as I explored memory
care options for my
Mom. You're both very
caring, supportive and
you know your stuff! A
simple 'thank you'
seems so inadequate."

~Vida Tucson,
Tucson, AZ




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