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ABOUT USAdult Care Hunters: A Free SENIOR Service

If you or someone you know is considering independent or assisted living, call us first, we can help. Since 2007, Adult Care Hunters, LLC has been locally owned and operated by Margaret Roberts and Maryann Prassas. Our purpose is to assist all seniors in need of finding alternatives to living at home. Our vision is to educate seniors and their families on the options and resources available to them. We respect and appreciate all of the caregivers in the communities we work with. We honor our elderly clients as well as their family members. We strive to work closely with the health care community for the best possible outcome for our clients. Our goal is not to be the biggest referral service but rather to provide excellent customer service to each one of our clients.

To assist clients and families when they are faced with life changing events.  To use or knowledge and compassion to guide people in making the best possible decision regarding where there loved ones should live.



Owners: Margaret Roberts & Maryann Prassas


MARGARET ROBERTS graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor’s Degree in Family and Consumer Resources, she has a minor in social work. She worked as the Director of Social Services and Admissions in a skilled nursing facility for over eleven years. Margaret has been serving seniors since 1994. She believes that when looking at placement options for a loved one, the decision impacts the whole family. Margaret has always enjoyed working with seniors and attributes her love for seniors due to her close relationship with all four of her grandparents. As an experienced social worker, Margaret is able to use her skills to listen to the concerns family members have and walk them through what can be an emotionally difficult process. She believes that if family members and seniors are better educated about the options they will be more at peace with the decision making.

2012 Board Member at Large for NAWBO Greater Tucson
2011 Recipient of the NAWBO Greater Tucson Team Leader Award

MARYANN PRASSAS graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Public Administration. She began her career of working with seniors in the mid 1990’s as both a sales director and manager in several of the assisted living centers in Tucson. Maryann has had extensive training in the field of dementia care and is an expert in this area. She treats each person with compassion and empathy, while always looking for the best options to fit their needs. Maryann also had a very close and loving relationship with her grandparents. When working with seniors Maryann treats each client as if they were her own grandparent. She has a wonderful way with seniors that always put them at ease and brings a smile to their face. Maryann has been known to negotiate the best possible rates in town, she loves to save time and money!


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Trust & Praise

"Thank you for your
help in finding a place
where my father
received such good
care. You are wonder-
ful! You're always
cheerful and you know
your business like no
one else. There are
people in this world
who qualify as angels
and truly, you are one."

~G.B., Tucson, AZ




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